Thursday, April 15, 2010


I always loved the Drive-by Truckers.
Then I went to Alabama.
And now I really love them.

Went down south last weekend with some friends on a road trip to Alabama. I had never been before and it was an experience. We went to the Auburn Rodeo and found ourselves surrounded by 12,000 redneck/cowboy dressing college kids. Alabama is a different world for sure. The trip was a great start to summer.

I recommend listening to Never Gonna Change while you look through the pics above. Or maybe Women Without Whiskey or 18 Wheels of Love...


Rebecca Barnett said...

These are great. 11 is my favorite. I think I looked at it for like, 10 minutes...I just couldn't stop looking at it. I love rodeos, and this one looked like it was a lot of fun!

Uncle Rick said...

I looked at 11 more than the others too, but they were all great, congratulations.