Saturday, April 25, 2009

Greek Week

Greek WEEK! is going on. Which means a visual feast for the photogs who brave the ridiculousness. I know some avoid the events like the plague but I like them. It's a lot of cheering and drinking and doing stupid stuff (which is all great to shoot), and there is something underneath it that says a lot about the Greeks and people in general.

I mean there is nothing like a night of boxing in an old warehouse with victory, defeat and a dirty cheering crowd to make you feel really really human.
If only it were bare knuckle...

So here are a few from the first event, Spring Sing. More Greeks to come..

There was some intensity

Ready to take the stage, eyeing the competition

Each Fraternity and Sorority came up with a song and dance routine to be judged. They all got a different letter in the alphabet to base there music on. One group could do Beatles, Bengals, Betty Boop, you know whatever started with B, and the next group had N and so on.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Around the Park

After me and Dijana finished shooting some food for The Brickyard Restaurant's website we decided to hang around downtown Franklin for awhile. There was some great evening light and Dijana played model for awhile. She did a pretty good job.

Monday, April 20, 2009

From Farmers to Vegans

So after finishing my assignment on dairy farmers it was on to an assignment for the Talisman about vegans at Western. Its kinda funny how those two overlapped. I was in a dairy barn working on the farmer story and my vegan contact calls me. I'm surrounded by cows and she starts telling me how I shouldn't eat meat or dairy. But I don't think she convinced me. But she did get me thinking. Especially when I saw how the cows get hooked up to machines and when I noticed just how unnatural a dairy cow looks.. 
But anyway, Summer Brown and her boyfriend are among some of the nicest people I've met. They let me right into the house, cooked me dinner and let me hang around for a fire afterward.

vegans drink from the carton too

They cooked a great vegan meal. I know it doesn't sound good but take my word for it, dairy-free cheese is delicious

Can't wait to go back and see what they have growing in their community vegetable garden. More vegans sure to come...